Scent of a Woman

I like to change my perfume every season.  I tend to find favorites and stick with them.

When you are purchasing a perfume, test it on your own skin and not on a strip of paper. Wear it for a few hours and decide without rushing if you love it!!


When purchasing a new perfume, ask for small samples that you can carry with you in your clutch for a special night out.

Never over do it with too much perfume as it can give people headaches and be overpowering. Apply on your body’s best scent spots for example, the wrists and neck.

Some of my favorites are listed below:

Nuxe – Prodigieux le parfum

Parfum Divine – Caudalie

Mac – Lady Danger

Estee Lauder Private Collection – Tuberose Gardenia

Tom Ford – Neroli

Regina Tunney

Regina Tunney

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