What I Do To Relax…..

There are many ways to make relaxation part of your everyday life.  I often find  that I can get stressed out quite easily and find it difficult to unwind.  But, one of the best things that I  do when I’m feeling overwhelmed is to go for a long, fast, walk to clear my mind and put my thoughts into perspective.

Here are some other tips that I find help me and hopefully will help you as well

1.  As I said, a long walk.  You can also go to the gym frequently or join a group where you can be motivated and perhaps make some new friends.  (I go to mat pilates twice a week) Here’s the link —> http://www.pilateswithjennifer.com/          Woodside/Sunnyside Runners is also another friendly group that I recently joined and very much enjoy their morning and evening runs.

2. Soak yourself in a hot bath with bath salts. (My favorite is Kneipp: Sweet Dreams – Valerian & Hops)


3. Turn your phone off.   Forget about social media and practice mindful meditation. Focus your attention on things that                       are happening right now in the present moment.

4. Recharge your brain with a Power Nap and wake up ready to conquer the rest of the day (I like the sleep genius app).                         http://sleepgenius.com/

5.  Stop trying to be perfect or so productive to the point where you never have downtime.  Deep breaths and Breathe!! 4c2234af30a4a0b26f4299038393b75a-1

6. I also love to light aromatherapy candles around my apartment.  My favorite at the moment is the “Trapp Candles”.      I                     I love the scent called Bobs Flower Shoppe.

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Regina Tunney

Regina Tunney

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