My Experience with Microblading

Unfortunately I was not  blessed with the best shaped eyebrows and in my twenties I developed mild alopecia,  so lost more hair and lashes.  After much debating and research I decided I was going to try the latest trend – Microblading!!
Points to consider before you move forward
– Research the artist – I went with Chelsea Ridd ( not only is she a good friend of mine but I know she is a perfectionist and highly professional and very serious about her work
– Make sure your artist is certified
– Look through their portfolio and make sure you like their work
Questions to ask?
– How long does the process take?  It should take approx 2-2.5 hours, anything less is going to be a rush job
– How much is it?  The eyebrows should range from $500 to $800, anything cheaper is a red flag
– Make sure your artist is using disposable needles to prevent cross infection and bacteria
– Your artist will like to see ideas of brows you like,  so you both have a similar idea of where you are going
– Make sure your artist is using good quality pigments and color otherwise they can go a funky color later on
My Experience
I traveled to Salt Lake City, Utah to see Chelsea (that is how much I trusted her!!) – she works out of Studio Aurum.thumbnail_IMG_4293
Before I had my appointment with Chelsea, she emailed me a list of contraindications, just to make sure I could have the procedure done.   I also had to fill out a computerized consultation form before the procedure.
Chelsea applied a numbing cream (lidocane) to my forehead for about 25 mins, while this was taking effect she mapped and designed my eyebrow shape (which we had discussed and agreed on earlier).
Chelsea mixed up the pigment, usually she matches it to your natural hair color unless you want something otherwise.  By this time the numbing had kicked in and Chelsea started the  blading process.   I found it more or less pain free, maybe one or two scrapes that were a little sensitive at the corners but definitely bearable, she told me some clients prefer no numbing cream!!  Chelsea went back over the brows again and then revealed them to me.  I loved them!!
Chelsea gave me a little bag containing sterile wipes, aftercare card and an ointment to apply for the next few days.  I love my brows.  Chelsea will touch them up in 6-8 weeks if needed.  Chelsea will be available at Pure Spa and Salon (  from January 11th – 14th.  If you wish to make an appointment to see her, please call 718 7846400.  If you have any further questions, please contact me.
Regina xox
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