Makeup Tips

We caught up with Regina Tunney, owner of Pure Spa & Salon and asked her for some of her beauty tips and secrets…here is what she had to say….
What beauty products do you never leave home without?
RT: I never leave home without crème blush and lip gloss.  These items are great for when you’re on the go, as they can all be applied with your fingers.  I also bring hand-sanitizer everywhere I go….it’s one of my obsessions!
What are common beauty mistakes?
RT: Women often use makeup as a mask, but the key to remember is less is more.  Use makeup to accentuate your features, not as something to hide behind.
What is your favorite treatment to get at the spa?
RT: 60 Minute Deep Tissue Massage with 30 Minute Reflexology and the Pure Signature Facial.
What do you do to relax?
RT: I practice pilates two times a week and I also listen to guided meditation tapes. I also love going to the gym and running.
If you could speak to your 16 year old self, what would you say?
RT: Be yourself & believe in yourself…. Anything is possible!
These are a few of her favorite things….
Skincare Product – Dermalogica Super Rich Repair Moisturizer
Scent – Jo Malone Cologne (Dark Amber & Ginger Lily)
Foundation – Jane Iredale
Lipstick or Gloss – MAC Velvet Teddy
Regina’s Top Tips
*Clean out your makeup bags & clean your makeup brushes regularly!
*Always throw out your mascara after 3 months of use.
*Wear eye cream everyday – it prevents dark circles and fine lines.
*Use SPF, even when you are not in the sun.

My Experience with Microblading

Unfortunately I was not  blessed with the best shaped eyebrows and in my twenties I developed mild alopecia,  so lost more hair and lashes.  After much debating and research I decided I was going to try the latest trend – Microblading!!
Points to consider before you move forward
– Research the artist – I went with Chelsea Ridd ( not only is she a good friend of mine but I know she is a perfectionist and highly professional and very serious about her work
– Make sure your artist is certified
– Look through their portfolio and make sure you like their work
Questions to ask?
– How long does the process take?  It should take approx 2-2.5 hours, anything less is going to be a rush job
– How much is it?  The eyebrows should range from $500 to $800, anything cheaper is a red flag
– Make sure your artist is using disposable needles to prevent cross infection and bacteria
– Your artist will like to see ideas of brows you like,  so you both have a similar idea of where you are going
– Make sure your artist is using good quality pigments and color otherwise they can go a funky color later on
My Experience
I traveled to Salt Lake City, Utah to see Chelsea (that is how much I trusted her!!) – she works out of Studio Aurum.thumbnail_IMG_4293
Before I had my appointment with Chelsea, she emailed me a list of contraindications, just to make sure I could have the procedure done.   I also had to fill out a computerized consultation form before the procedure.
Chelsea applied a numbing cream (lidocane) to my forehead for about 25 mins, while this was taking effect she mapped and designed my eyebrow shape (which we had discussed and agreed on earlier).
Chelsea mixed up the pigment, usually she matches it to your natural hair color unless you want something otherwise.  By this time the numbing had kicked in and Chelsea started the  blading process.   I found it more or less pain free, maybe one or two scrapes that were a little sensitive at the corners but definitely bearable, she told me some clients prefer no numbing cream!!  Chelsea went back over the brows again and then revealed them to me.  I loved them!!
Chelsea gave me a little bag containing sterile wipes, aftercare card and an ointment to apply for the next few days.  I love my brows.  Chelsea will touch them up in 6-8 weeks if needed.  Chelsea will be available at Pure Spa and Salon (  from January 11th – 14th.  If you wish to make an appointment to see her, please call 718 7846400.  If you have any further questions, please contact me.
Regina xox

What I Do To Relax…..

There are many ways to make relaxation part of your everyday life.  I often find  that I can get stressed out quite easily and find it difficult to unwind.  But, one of the best things that I  do when I’m feeling overwhelmed is to go for a long, fast, walk to clear my mind and put my thoughts into perspective.

Here are some other tips that I find help me and hopefully will help you as well

1.  As I said, a long walk.  You can also go to the gym frequently or join a group where you can be motivated and perhaps make some new friends.  (I go to mat pilates twice a week) Here’s the link —>          Woodside/Sunnyside Runners is also another friendly group that I recently joined and very much enjoy their morning and evening runs.

2. Soak yourself in a hot bath with bath salts. (My favorite is Kneipp: Sweet Dreams – Valerian & Hops)


3. Turn your phone off.   Forget about social media and practice mindful meditation. Focus your attention on things that                       are happening right now in the present moment.

4. Recharge your brain with a Power Nap and wake up ready to conquer the rest of the day (I like the sleep genius app).               

5.  Stop trying to be perfect or so productive to the point where you never have downtime.  Deep breaths and Breathe!! 4c2234af30a4a0b26f4299038393b75a-1

6. I also love to light aromatherapy candles around my apartment.  My favorite at the moment is the “Trapp Candles”.      I                     I love the scent called Bobs Flower Shoppe.

133443-Large Poured 13-Bobs Flower Shoppe

Flower Power

With Valentine’s Day approaching, I thought it would be nice to talk about flowers I like.  I think there is no better way to brighten and scent your home during a dreary winter than decorating with fresh flowers.  My personal favorites are tuberose and peonies.379762c6c09f4ccf4378804ea66e8128

Scent of a Woman

I like to change my perfume every season.  I tend to find favorites and stick with them.

When you are purchasing a perfume, test it on your own skin and not on a strip of paper. Wear it for a few hours and decide without rushing if you love it!!


When purchasing a new perfume, ask for small samples that you can carry with you in your clutch for a special night out.

Never over do it with too much perfume as it can give people headaches and be overpowering. Apply on your body’s best scent spots for example, the wrists and neck.

Some of my favorites are listed below:

Nuxe – Prodigieux le parfum

Parfum Divine – Caudalie

Mac – Lady Danger

Estee Lauder Private Collection – Tuberose Gardenia

Tom Ford – Neroli