I think taking time to cultivate gratitude is important. A grateful heart is a wonderful thing–you are happier and the world looks a little brighter. But it can be challenging to do it when your days are hectic and your brain won’t stop overloading with different thoughts. That’s why a project like a
gratitude journal is so great,  it pushes you to interrupt your routine and focus on what’s going on around and inside of you.  I try to fill in my gratitude journal around 15/20 minutes before I go
to bed as it gives you time to reflect back on your day and think about all the positive experiences you had.

Starting and maintaining a journal can be difficult at first because it is another thing to remember to do, but after a while of keeping the gratitude journal, I promise you it’s worth it!!

The best time to start is now!  There are several available in local book stores and on line so have a look around and see what appeals to you.




Coming into the winter, it is a good idea to change your skin care routine so your skin adapts well to the change of weather.  Here are a few tips to help you with that:

EXFOLIATE:  Use a gentle exfoliator to help repair the surface of your skin and to rid flakiness.  This also helps to allow penetration of your moisturizer deeper into the skin.  I love the daily microfoliant from Dermalogica or the thermofoliant.


MOISTURIZER: Invest in a richer, heavier moisturizer so you’re prepped for days when your skin feels dry and tight.

SERUM: Highly concentrated doses of hydration that absorbs quickly into your skin.  I have added it into my morning and evening routine.

CLEANSER:  Switch out your cleanser to a creamy one and make sure it is fragrance free.

LIPS:  Always use a lip balm to help with dry cracked lips.

MASQUE:  Use a masque once a week to hydrate the skin.  I love the hydrating masque from Dermalogica.


Benefits of a Body Scrub

The Benefits of Using a Body Scrub

Just like the skin cells on your face, the cells on your body needs to be exfoliated to reveal healthier, younger skin.

This process slows down as we age so a body scrub will benefit the skin. As you massage it over your body, the exfoliation granules slough off dead skin cells and help boost circulation, therefore, increasing blood flow to the skin surface.

I love the Simple Sugar Scrubs as they are homemade and no lotion is required after, so it is a quick and easy process. I tend to use scrubs three times a week.
It is also recommended as a pre-step if you intend to to apply self-tanner. 12038304_10153522553850831_1383003862571866164_n


A new season does not have to mean a complete closet overhaul.  Fresh color and some key items will breathe new life into existing favorites and instantly update your look.

What’s Hot for Fall?
Shirts under sleeveless dresses
One of this season’s hottest shapes is the pinafore dress which I think can look really cute with a silk or chiffon shirt underneath that has oversized cuffs. images-2

Off the Shoulders
It’s all about sexy and many designers are going for the off the shoulder look.  I especially love cashmere – feels  incredibly soft and so comfy, so I hope to make a purchase in the next month.

Velvet & Fur
I love everything velvet – so luxurious and so rich.  I also love the faux furs which can really become a statement piece to any outfit.
Chokers are back with a vengeance and the more elaborate they are, the better!  They especially look great with off the shoulder sweaters and tops.  I have personally made some myself – get some black ribbon or leather and some cute embellishments and a glue gun and presto away you go!

What are HD Brows?

HD BROWS – Available at Pure Spa & Salon

HD Brows (High Definition Brows) is a seven step eyebrow shaping treatment that basically focuses on the design and shape to suit the particular individual.  It involves a combination of the following steps.  I personally have been getting this done now since last year and have really noticed a difference.

Step 1 – Consultation

The Brow Stylist consults with you on what brow shape you are hoping to achieve and advises on what she thinks will suit your face shape and hair color and whether you should opt for a more natural look or maybe a little glamorous.

Step 2 – Tinting
If you have over plucked brows, the tint makes a big difference.  The stylist will discuss with you on what color will suit you (usually something a little darker than your hair) and apply for approx. 1-5 minutes to develop.

Step 3 – Waxing
Waxing is done by your stylist using a calming soft wax (No double dipping allowed!!).

Step 4 – Trimming
Brows are combed and trimmed accordingly if needed to ensure all hairs are even.

Step 5 – Threading
Threading is done above the brow to ensure the hair blends evenly and naturally into the face.

Step 6 – Tweezing
Tweezing is done to define and create the perfect arch and to ensure all stray hairs are removed.

Step 7 – Aftercare
The Brow stylist will show you your brows and discuss with you on how to maintain them and fill them in until your next appointment.